Term & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


All gaming rules will follow our affiliate site rules. In the event of a dispute we will forward the customer’s complaints to our partners’ support teams and will keep our customer informed of the latest developments. However, we reserve the right to follow our partners’ final decision.

Please be informed that we reserve the right to void, refuse pay out and reject any bets placed by customers who are suspected of abnormal , irregular , odds manipulating , syndicate bets or use of betting software , artificial intelligence (bots).
We provide the best security to protect our customer gaming account on the server. 33wBet will not take any responsibility for any credit losses, if player account being hacked from their side. We will only take the responsibility if security issue is from our gaming server.


33wBet will take every reasonable precaution to ensure the security of players’ accounts. We employ the highest level of security software and personnel to ensure that your account will be protected from hackers and malicious activities.
However, please take note that it is the player’s responsibility to keep their username and password safe and private. Please take care not to share your username and password with anyone.  33wBet will not be responsible in the case that your password has been compromised or stolen due to player negligence.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

The default rollover is 15 × Deposit.
All bonuses will be given only once per person, household, real money account, registered email address, computer or payment method details. If a second account is opened by any player, all bonuses and winnings will be made void on both accounts and credit will be frozen permanently.
All bonuses awarded in  33wBet are pre-wager offers. Bonus funds will be credited to a player’s account immediately after a qualifying deposit for wagering purposes. Bonus funds may be cashed out once the required wagering requirements have been fulfilled.
All wagers made in  33wBet will use the player’s own funds before any bonus funds.
If a player requests a withdrawal prior to meeting the wagering requirements of any active bonus, the withdrawal request shall be declined. Any second attempt to withdraw before meeting the wagering requirements will result in all bonuses and winnings being removed.
Any player found to be using any 3rd party software or automated playing technology or abnormal bets shall have all their bonuses and winnings removed, and credit will be frozen permanently.
 33wBet.com reserves the right to amend, cancel or reclaim any bonus at any time.
 33wBet.com reserves the right to extend or decrease any promotional time period at any time.
 33wBet.com reserves the right to request sufficient proof of a player’s identity at any time. Such evidence must prove a player’s personal information, payment details and any other additional information that may be required to pass relevant security checks.
Whilst  33wBet.com makes every effort to keep all player information details secure and confidential, we reserve the right to publish the first name, first initial of surname and city , country of any player for promotional purposes. Players will always be made aware before any publication is made.
By participating in any promotion run by  33wBet.com, players agree to abide by these terms and those listed under each individual promotion. Any player unwilling to agree to these terms should contact the  33wBet.com support team for further information.
Bonus promotions are for a limited time only.


33wBet.com reserves the right to only credit your account balance after confirmation of deposits being received. Please keep your bank receipt or transaction reference ID as we might request it as proof of transfer.
You are advised to contact our customer service after you have successfully completed the bank transfer. We will credit your account balance within 15-30 minutes after confirmation. Members should provide their username and account balance when requesting for withdrawal.
Member are require to bet minimum 1x turnover to make withdrawal for non bonus deposit
For your security, we reserve the right to refuse member withdrawals during the verification process should there be any discrepancies in the information provided.
If you have any doubts, please contact our customer support for further clarification. It is our aim to provide you a safe and risk-free portal for our partner sites.
 33wBet.com reserves the right to hold your withdrawal if your account is under investigation for fraudulent activities.
As a measure to prevent fraud, cheque deposits will not be accepted.